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Oklahoma’s public schools are full of success stories. We can be proud of our teachers and our students — both where they are and where they’re going. But we also know our public schools must be even better to reach the critical goal of a system that delivers on its promise to educate every child to their full potential. How do we get there? That was the question dozens of education leaders from every corner of Oklahoma began asking themselves two years ago. They came up with a uniting vision for what our schools and communities could be if together we all focus on seven areas research shows will make a difference for students. The vision is simple: All Oklahoma public school students will learn in an environment that maximizes their potential and develops them as leaders who will contribute to a meaningful life in a democracy, propelling our state forward into a competitive, global society. The idea is that every community in Oklahoma will find something — and maybe even many things — in the vision to embrace. At its core, this visioning effort is designed start a meaningful conversation in every community of our state about how to do better for our children. At the state level, we hope it will drive conversation about how to better support our communities in that endeavor. There is room at the table for EVERYONE to participate in this conversation. In fact, we believe inclusion will be the cornerstone of its success. This effort is a marathon — not a sprint. The Oklahoma State School Boards Association, the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration and other partners are in the process of developing tools and ways to support communities as they consider how For the People might look in their own schools. This fall, we are hitting the road to share more about this project with school leaders across the state. Say YES … Be part of the conversation. Say YES … Do whatever it takes to build up students and teachers in our state. Say YES … Embrace a new vision for public education. For all people. For all children. Please sign up to receive email updates so you’ll be among the first to know as more information becomes available.

4 thoughts on “Join the Conversation

  1. It is awesome that we are beginning to come together from all across the state to have meaningful conversations about the people that truly matter in our state: our kids! Free from politics, lobbyists, personal agendas and pet projects, we can start to have this most important discussion about doing what’s best for kids. I’m all in, what about you?


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