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  2. One thing that should be considered in addition to public vs. private, charter or on-line schools: when discussing education with people who do not feel public education is successful, we need to look at rural vs. urban. In MANY cases around the state, there are towns with outstanding schools, great teachers who are the largest employer/economy driver in the area. This isn’t just about education, it is about our economy, too. Many of the negative issues arise in urban schools where more issues come up due to the size of the districts, schools, etc. More can fall through the cracks when a district is so large it becomes unmanageable. It holds true for the nation, as well. Inner city schools have major issues and that seems to be all we hear about when education is discussed in national political forums.


  3. I love the video of our kids. Yes, OUR kids. Every Oklahoman must feel that each publicly educated student is part of their family who deserves their support for success.


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