The Vision

All Oklahoma public school students will learn in an environment that maximizes their potential and develops them as leaders who will contribute to a meaningful life in a democracy, propelling our state forward into a competitive, global society.


In 2012, the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration and the Oklahoma State School Boards Association initiated the OK Vision Project and defined two main goals:

• Build support for an educational vision that is founded on research-based initiatives proven to positively impact student learning.

• Develop a document that educators, parents, business leaders and policy makers will embrace as a proactive, positive educational vision.

• All students deserve a free, appropriate, comprehensive high-quality education with equality throughout the educational process. This includes development of the whole child that provides appropriate learning experiences and allows for creativity and the arts. This means maximizing the development of each individual student, providing needed supports for all students regardless of their intelligence or needs.
• All students deserve to be educated in a democratic educational system that supports them through mutual acceptance and respect and in becoming independent thinkers.
• A strong foundations of public education is one that is established through encouraged parental and community involvement.

Essential Question
• If this issue were at a high level of quality, would it make a difference for our schools and transform public education?

The committee defined seven essential areas research shows make a difference in student learning:

Culture, Climate & Organizational Efficacy
Early & Expanded Learning Opportunities for Student Success
Governance, Leadership & Accountability
Learning, Teaching & Assessing for Student Success
Partnerships for Human Capital & Organizational Development
Physical Resources
Financial Resources

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